Free Session

CrossFit is most commonly described as Constantly Varied Functional Movements executed at High Intensity. Although this is an accurate description, it isn’t really useful in helping new athletes understand what CrossFit is.

This is why we offer one free session to everyone and anyone who hasn’t been to our box yet. We believe this is the best way for you to understand what CrossFit is!

Your free session will begin with a short introduction from one of our instructors. He will gauge your  current fitness level and take you through a warm up together with the rest of the class. Next is time to WOD! The trainer will give you a scaled version of the WOD that you will be able to do safely, yet should also pose a challenge. The WOD can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and this is when you will discover what CrossFit is!

After the WOD, everyone will spend time stretching and cooling down. This is also when you can ask the trainer any further question you might have.

In order to claim your free session, we ask that you kindly use the form below and inform us of when you would like to schedule a visit. We will reply you and confirm the timing. Although, we do understand that sometime you like to act on impulse. So if you haven’t sent us an email yet, but find yourself around the area, feel free to just drop by!

Make sure to wear something comfortable/athletic and bring water with you.

*Box = CrossFit gyms are commonly referred to as boxes
WOD = Work Out of the Day. Everyday is a different workout in CrossFit. No two day’s are ever the same (well, almost)!

Some people are hooked immediately! Some come back after having some time to think about it, and some never come back at all. No matter what you chose, we promise we will never pressure you to join. The first class is free of charge and free of obligation.