How to Join

Step One – Attend your free session!

CrossFit can be done by anyone, no matter what your current fitness level is. There is no such thing as a typical athlete at the GFCF gym. Our members range from the young and the old, big and small, male and females.

Try it out, who knows, you may fit right in.

Step Two – Attend our On-The-Ramp Course!

Contact us to schedule an On Ramp session with a Coach or join in an upcoming batch. Our On-The-Ramp course consists of six classes that prepare you for CrossFit training. You will learn the fundamental CrossFit movements regularly seen in workouts, involving body weight movements (squat, push up, pull up, etc) and Olympic weight lifting.

This course teaches you how to approach these movements in a safe and efficient manner.



Step Three – Join the regular sessions

Whether you are competitive or just want to stay fit, join in our regular sessions that mixes up the workout each day.

Check out GFCF Membership rates.